Snakes and Ladders Project complete

After two and a half months of intense labor, “Snakes and Ladders” is finally complete.

"Snakes and Ladders:   the Game of Life" by Lynda McClanahan

“Snakes and Ladders: the Game of Life” by Lynda McClanahan

So much thought and grunt work went into this thing, yet now that it’s done, I’m not quite sure who did it or why.

Unbidden projects which are full of challenges and arrive straight from the subconscious mind often turn out the best.


Moving On

“Snakes and Ladders” is done.  All that remains is to finish the outside of the wooden cradle board and wire it up.  When one project winds down, room opens up for another one.  As a relief from Snakes (and to prove I can do something decorative if I want to), I just finished “Gambel’s Quail.”   This sweet little desert bird was a regular sight in the backyard of our condo during a recent trip to Tuscon Arizona.  The painting is small, only 8″x10,” and rolled off the drafting table in no time compared to all those months spent laboring over “Snakes.”


“Gambel’s Quail” by Lynda McClanahan

 Other edgier projects are in the works but for now, it’s nice to take a breather and concentrate on just giving delight.