9th Annual Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry Juried Show


Ohio Online Visual Artist Registray 9th Juried Show Postcfard

The 9th Annual Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry Juried Show is up and running

Front Doors Columbus Metropolitan Library

Front Doors Columbus Metropolitan Library

The exhibit is being held at the Columbus Metropolitan Library in downtown Columbus.

Stairwell Columbus Metropolitan Library

Stairwell Columbus Metropolitan Library

This library is one of many lovely edifaces built by the Carnegies.  Stone steps, fancy ironwork and beautiful floor tiles grace the structure throughout.

columbus metropolitan library stained glass

The second floor is flooded with light from stained glass skylights framed by roman arches…..

columbus metropolitan library front window

…and large, elegantly shaped windows.

columbus metropolitan library window and chair

It is a perfect place for resting awhile and contemplating art.

Battledore LHBattledoreCenterBattledore RH

My three-part piece “Battledore and Shuttlecock, the Game of Love” was accepted.

Bob Studzinski To Honor the Fallen

Photographer and friend Bob Studzinsky contributed this moving Mayan-themed piece entitled “To Honor the Fallen.”

ghost dog front view

My work looks a bit lost but James Mellick’s  foreground piece, “Ghost Dog 2012” is a standout.

James Mellick Ghost Dog side view

Another interesting Mellick effort is “Black Figure With White Leeches.”

James Mellick Black Figure With White Leeches

Other appealing works are Kent Krugh’s photographs of trees….

Kent Krugh Spring Grove Atlas Cedar and Mt Auburn Tree of Heaven

Nancy Weymouth Halbrooks’ “Polar Vortex Crows”…..

Nancy Weymouth Halbrooks Polar Vortex Crows

V Pic Michel’s “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”…..

C Pic Michael Actions Speak Louder Than Words

….and Curtis Goldstein’s “Standing in Water.”

Curtis Goldstein Standing in Water

This last follows a trend I’ve been noticing a lot lately:  works which work better in prints and photographs than in real life.   Up close, the piece is a bit rough, but processed via technology it’s as polished as can be.   The bright screen doesn’t so much document reality as make it.