Vanderelli Room “Let There Be Light” Show

The shows are coming so fast, I hardly know whether I’m coming or going. The idea of struggling with well-deserved obscurity may have to be released

The latest show, “Let There Be Light” is curated by A.J. Vanderelli of the Vanderelli Room.

Catherine Bell-Smith’s Leaf Mandala

It’s nice to show with other former members of the now defunct Creative Arts of Women (CAW) again. Catherine Bell-Smith contributed this huge mandala made from magnolia leaves with holes cut out of them. Sweetly, the holes were available for viewing in an offering-like pot on a pillar.

Ceramics by Kate Morgan

There is much variety in the exhibit, including some really nice ceramic pieces by Kate Morgan tucked into a chapel-like alcove close to the door. This position had the added benefit of being directly across from the bar.

Jay Mueller, Artist Wrestling League Maven and Yoeman Bartender

I brought some homemade wine to the reception and Jay Mueller efficiently put together a mysterious punch with vodka and various juices. Jay is the manager of the local Blick Art shop which is being forced to move due to a 40 percent increase in rent. This is the way things have been going in the neighborhood for some time, but it’s still dispiriting. I used to walk to the grocer, the dry cleaners and the art supply shop, but now I must drive to get to all three.

Piano Rolls with Dictators

The show has some performative elements which spice things up.

There was literally jazz at the opening. This trio may have had a solid plan or maybe not. To an unschooled ear, it sounded like they were bringing up stuff straight from the subconscious. Joel said he thought the drummer looked like he was in a trance, but then, I think most drummers look that way.

Altar Piece by April Sunami

April Sunami’s altar assemblage shares the same alcove my piece occupies. Her work is consistent, always effective and lends just the right amount of mystery and longing to the show.

“Waikiki” With Sculpture by Sandra Aska

My painting seems especially well placed next to Sandra Aska’s sculpture and the exploding golden apple in the upper right. A.J. has a talent for creating visual rhythm and spends time making sure the sight lines work. The harmony of rhythm, form and color in this show is really remarkable.

I am working on a new work and preparing for another opening on the weekend. There are more shows lined up later this month and on into March. I hardly know what to think.