Jung Haus Show, “Sights & Signs”

The Jung Haus show, “Sights & Signs” is up and running.


Jung Haus, Columbus Ohio

The venue is the Jung Haus which is situated in a lovely old Italianate home close to High Street in the historic Short North area of Columbus.

Jung Haus Gus Brunsman

Gus Brunsman’s Magnetic Workshop

I arrived early to give a  “coffee & conversation” talk but found a workshop in process.  Oh well.  Joel needed help preparing food anyway.


Sydney Schardt, Jung Haus Gallery

 Photograher Sydney Schardt hung the show and made all the curatorial decisions.   This meant that the pieces came into dialogue with one another in new, surprising ways.


“Oak Tree With Cow” by Lynda McClanahan, Jung Haus

I thought the “Oak Tree With Cow” display was particularly successful.  The black slate of the fireplace, black frame of the painting and black background of the small baby pieces worked well together.  I would have placed the small pieces on either side of the larger figure, suggesting an altar, but this arrangement has its virtues too.  Placing the babies together on the right strikes me as slightly coquettish, like side combs on a fancy hairdo.


Jung Haus, Columbus Ohio

Syd saved space with this grouping…..


……..and managed to inject a bit of humorous, wry commentary too.  The juxtaposition of “Tombstone With Blue Bird” and a live plant is sweet, funny and sad, all at the same time.


“English Channel” by Lynda McClanahan

The placement of “English Channel” worked well too.  I might have cluttered things up by adding small pieces to the mantle, but the visual rhythm of the large color blocks contained in the painting is more evident in this stand-alone presentation.


Doug Neel, Guitarist

Doug Neel provided an hour and a half of tasty, jazz guitar music and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  He should be hired immediately!

After working so hard on this exhibit, I need a rest. There is the sense of one era coming to an end with another just beginning to appear on the horizon.  I believe it is time to start working with others.


Puffin Grant Show Prep

Numerous musical gigs and a trip to Cincinnati to help my mom have made prepping for next week’s show, “Sights & Signs,” a bit tight.  I have one day left to get things organized and, as usual, have seriously underestimated the number of details needing attention.

Jung Haus Prep

Every surface is covered with bits and pieces of the show.  With the entire house in disarray,  I have to make a real effort not to descend into peevish whining.  There’s usually  a breaking point in which I don’t succeed and today was the day.  Aaaaarrrggghhh!

Jung Haus Prep1

Luckily, I’m pretty well along, which calms the nervous system.  Even though it’s a lot of work, I always prepare prints for solo shows.   Experience has shown that many small sales can add up to something big.  I’ll have a wide range of originals too, which will help.


It’s always therapeutic to be in the presence of a disinterested mind which doesn’t care one way or another how things turn out.  There’s nothing for it but to press on.

Thanks, Guru-kitty!