Keep on Walking


A nasty cold has kept me on the couch for over a week but even before the illness, life was slowing down.   Sometimes, when not much seems to be happening, the only course is to keep on walking.   Small works focus the mind without asking too much of the nervous system.

This modest 8″x10″ painting is based on a scene spotted a few months ago in Violet Cemetery, the lovely graveyard behind the parking lot of Unity East Church in Pickerington, Ohio.

Bluebird on Tombstone

Bluebird on Grave Marker

We were packing up our instruments after the gig when I noticed a bluebird resting on one of the tombstones.   I’ve only seen a bluebird once and only at a great distance, so this felt like a gift.  The visual critic in me warns that the image veers into the overly sentimental, but what can I say?  It really happened.

Bluebirrd on Tombstone With Frame.jpg

Scrollwork Box Frame With Yellow Stain

I stained this inexpensive scrollwork box with watered down acrylic paint and glued the board into it.    Small but sweet efforts keep the juices flowing while the well re-fills.



Swimming the English Channel


One of the joys of playing with the In Spirit Band is the opportunity to meet and play with professional musicians on the “positive music” circuit.  Karen Drucker comes through town at least once a year, full of great music and stories. 

One of those stories inspired the latest painting, “English Channel.”


“English Channel” by Lynda McClanahan

Karen is a distance swimmer as well as a musician and swam the English Channel a few years ago.  Over dinner, she recounted crossing the busy shipping lane and looking up at the huge container ships as they made their way to and from the Mediterranean.  I couldn’t shake the image of vulnerable humanity gamely swimming through a world choked with towering behemoths full of things to sell.  I’m beginning to call the upcoming Jung Haus Exhibit my “Piss Off” show.