Completion and Release

The new egg is finished.

Ostrich Egg #2

Ostrich Egg #2

Egg number two is more refined than the first thanks to advanced planning and a more practiced hand.

New egg bottom view

New egg bottom view

Much of the original design was reproduced, but with some differences.  The bottom has shifted away from an overall net of black lace to a watery blue spiral with white squigglers.


The black lace has moved away from tree-inspired forms to something loosely modeled on human ovums.


I positioned these to look a bit like eyes or a sexy bra.  It’s a bit of a joke I know, but I always like to hide little treats as a reward for those who look carefully.

egg bra

The top of the piece is much like the first but with clearer color and more room for the crown of light.

new egg top

The first egg was primed in blue which dimmed the whites and gave the yellows a greenish cast.  I’ve learned the hard way the wisdom of making studies.  The new egg is better in some ways and not as good in others, but I stand behind whatever it is one hundred percent.

Lynda with new egg

There is a time of secret sweetness between completing a commission and releasing it back to the patron.

I’ve held this object in my hands for a full week and concentrated on it as deeply as any forest yogi.

Lynda McClanahan With Painted Ostrich Egg

Lynda McClanahan With Painted Ostrich Egg

 As always, I’ve fallen in love and gaze obsessively at what I’ve made.  This is the last time it will be all mine.