Lady GoatDiva



“Lady GoatDiva” by Lynda McClanahan


“Lady GoatDiva” Frame Detail: Plumbers Tape, Upholstery Tacks and Glass Beads

“Lady GoatDiva” is complete but only partially framed.  A mixture of impatience, lack of planning and plain old impulsiveness led to a series of ill-advised actions which put the whole project at risk.  As before, I wrapped plumbers tape around the edge and attached it with decorative upholstery tacks gleaned from the bottom of the button box but, unfortunately, there weren’t enough to complete the job.   In younger days, this would have led to much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, but this time it only meant resignation and a wry assessment of the number of brain cells left in the larder.  I had to paint around a sharp edge of looped metal which threatened to ruin the surface every time I turned the piece around.  “Live and learn” they say.  I guess being in your 60’s doesn’t count for much if you don’t concentrate.  I await a shipment of tacks from Amazon and hope for the best.



Lady CrowDiva

The timing is mysterious but the art gods have decreed this as a time of bountiful ideas and energy.   It’s my habit to do some small things after bigger, more involved pieces.  “Lady CrowDiva” is the result and the first half of two 9″x9″ enamel-on-plywood pieces conceived as a set.


“Lady CrowDiva” sketch on plywood

I started with a sketch done directly on the board.  I’ve been using up plywood scraps from various home improvement projects but lately have become more careful with their preparation.  Lots of sanding, sealing, priming and more sanding on the front, sides and back.  I’m hoping this will help the work last longer without the degradation of color I’ve noticed in some of my older efforts.  Live and learn, I guess.


“Lady CrowDiva” by Lynda McClanahan

After the sketch came the fun part.  I fussed a bit over color, but after noticing a jar of pre-mixed green from the last project, the choice was clear.  The bountiful bosom of the rider isn’t meant as pornographic but is directly inspired by Hindu temple carvings.  No perky little plums in that tradition; just lots of luscious, perfectly round, fertile globes.


Plumbing strap, bead & upholstery tack trim for “Lady CrowDiva”

In the past, I’ve had carpenter friend Dave Barnes nail wood trim around all my plywood pieces but this time I tried a technique I could do myself using metal plumbers tape.

First, I bent the metal around the wood using a small hammer and neatly cut the ends off with aviation snips (this tool is a must if anybody wants to try this at home).  Then I attached the metal to the wood using upholstery tacks for the big holes and beads from another life as a beader for the small ones.  I’m hoping the result is eccentric but pleasantly inventive.

I’m already planning a companion piece to be entitled “Lady GoatDiva.”  Stayed tuned.