The Strange and the Beautiful

I often peruse Hindu books and art sites for inspiration.    Recently, I ran across an old book illustration of a naked woman cavorting with an impossibly large snake.  The image was intriguing enough to inspire this latest work, “Ohio River.”

"Ohio River"  by Lynda McClanahan

“Ohio River”
by Lynda McClanahan

I  remain committed to the strange and the beautiful as I work my way through old board and scraps of lumber from the garage.


Hypnotide’s “Landlocked” vinyl record and CD cover art

Local band Hypnotide’s vinyl record, “Landlocked,” is finally finished and available for purchase.  I did the cover art and local graphic artist Raquib Ahmed actually put the thing together.

The original pieces, “Columbus Red Lady” and “Columbus Blue Lady” were done years ago to flesh out a large show at the Jung Haus Gallery.  The paintings were conceived as a pair so it was a relief when they were bought together by friend Becky Sterrett.  She’s had them ever since.

“Columbus Red Lady” by Lynda McClanahan

“Columbus Blue Lady” by Lynda McClanahan

Fast forward to a year or so ago when I crossed paths with local drummer Joe Nelson at an In Spirit Band gig (organized by Joanne Blum and Joe Lambert).  Turns out Joe Nelson was putting together a musical project and had been perusing for cover art ideas for some time.   He liked my work and things took off from there.

Hypnotide Vinyl Record mock up.  Graphic design by Raquib Ahmed

Hypnotide Vinyl Record mock up. Graphic design by Raquib Ahmed

The original paintings are quite small, so there was some anxiety over whether the digital files were large enough to print properly onto an album cover.   I had printed these same files onto 8″x10″ board in the past and was pretty sure it would work, but seeing is believing.  They turned out nicely.

Hypnotide front cover art by Lynda McClanahan

Hypnotide front cover art by Lynda McClanahan

Joel Knepp holds back cover of Hypnotide's Vinyl Record,

Joel Knepp holds back cover of Hypnotide’s Vinyl Record, “Landlocked.”

Anyone interested in purchasing can go to   A sample cut can also be heard on Hypnotide’s Facebook page.  Expect a sophisticated, arty take on traditional surf music, jazz and rock influences, and a sweet dollop of non-ironic humor.  Quentin Tarantino would be proud and so am I.

Moral of Story:  You never know who’s looking at your website or what it will lead to.  I remain faithful and accept what comes.