Underwear Series Continues

The fascination with underwear and clothing in general continues.  Today I put the finishing touches on “Pink Slip With Wallpaper.”

Perhaps it’s just an artist thing, but I like to track a project through various stages of completion.   Each pause in the process represents a different finished product, a parallel universe containing rejected possibilities known only to the artist.


“Pink Slip With Wallpaper” under-painting.

Tightened up and left as-is, this could have been a pop art piece.  I could have saved myself a boatload of work if I’d gone this route.


Wallpaper with lace and corn flower details

At this point, I’ve already chosen which road to take.  The ruffle-and-flower motif is taken from a photograph of actual vintage wallpaper.


Finished wallpaper

With the addition of leaves and stems, the wallpaper is finished.  With so much work behind me, the slip stretched out like an anxious question mark.  Should I stick to the pinkish coral color or change it to white?   How to balance the large expanse of slip with the fussy background?   Was the whole thing just a labor-intensive mistake?   I chose to stick with the color but might have given up something by not stopping right here.


“Pink Slip Wth Wallpaper” final image

Here is the finished work.  Both the slip and the background have the detail I like but there’s also just enough un-embroidered material in the middle to create a color block.   As an older lady, I often feel myself slipping away into invisibility.  As I contemplate this image, it occurs that perhaps a subconscious impulse lies behind the imagery.   I’ve unknowingly just painted a pun.











Ohio Art League Thumb Box Exhibition

Every holiday season, the Ohio Art League has a show of small 6″x6″x6″ works.  This year, the show runs from December 9th, 2016 through January 27th, 2017 at 400 W. Rich Street, 43215.   I’ve been working through a large stash of small frames bought on sale at Target for this purpose for years but finally ran out.   Hipster hubby, Joel, sweetly cut a few pieces of thin plywood to size and it was off to the races.


“Heart Hand” by Lynda McClanahan

The small size and square shape lent itself to a series of hands inspired by the henna designs used in Hindu and Pakistani weddings.


“Rose Hand” by Lynda McClanahan

I’ve tried all sorts of approaches to this exhibit over the years, from edgy to outright decorative, but haven’t figured out any pattern in sales.


“Leaf Hand” by Lynda McClanahan

This year’s effort is  bright, decorative and a bit strange,  a balance which suits me just fine.  They’re designed  to act as a  “fear not” house blessing but most people probably won’t see them that way.   I concentrated on creating clean lines and beautiful color and let the chips fall where they may.


“Made in Sri Lanka” Returns

The new painting, “Made in Sri Lanka” is finally done and back from the scanner.


“Made in Sri Lanka” by Lynda McClanahan

What a load of work this thing was!  I like almost everything about it:  the manic lacey detail balanced by a busy background, the sly humor of transforming a product into an icon, the edginess and sheer madness of focusing so much attention on that which few are meant to see.    How powerful and rich with meaning these garments are!  Individuality is softened and replaced with the come-hither-and-pollinate-me command of the life force.   These things are a costume for the sweet, comical theater in which every one of us is simultaneously elevated and reduced to an ideal.  It’s delicious to experience oneself as a beautiful, sexy flower, to be seduced into doing what Life wants from us anyway, but it’s a mistake to assume there’s anything personal about it.