Throwing Caution to the Wind

I’ve taken a week off to put in a vegetable garden and host Becky Sterrett, Arun Satgunasingam and their new-to-the-planet-four-month-old daughter, Kavya.  The guests are gone, the garden is mostly in and “Toilets With Snakes” is back from the photographer.


“Toilets With Snakes” by Lynda McClanahan

“Toilets” was painted in response to a call for entries for an upcoming show at the Vanderelli Room entitled F***Art.


Jay Mueller, Columbus artist and curator of “F***Art Show

The show is curated by Jay Mueller, a local art luminary known for his participation in the Artist’s Wrestling League, a performance art tongue-in-cheek rehash of the old Big Time Wrestling shows of my youth.  Jay also happens to work at the neighborhood art store where I get my supplies, which is where I heard about the show.  I had the idea for this work many, many years ago but never did it due to shyness, embarrassment and fear of having yet another unmarketable piece kicking around the garage.  Jay’s call was just what I needed to crank the thing out.  I love to show.  Even if I don’t get in, there will never be a better audience for psychedelic snakes bursting forth from a bunch of toilets than Jay Mueller.  Throwing caution to the wind feels good.