Sight of Music Cultural Arts Center Opening

“Motet” was accepted into the Sight of Music show, much to my pleasure and relief.   The opening was well-attended and jolly, thanks to much wine and cheese.  Well done, Cultural Arts Center!


I received no prizes, but the piece attracted a lot of attention from the room, much to my delight.  I rattled on about medieval choral music to a number of people but was too shy to break through the circle of admirers surrounding Mr. Purdy.    He was spared this time but perhaps there will be another opportunity.


Steve Harper and Judi Moseley with “Motet”

The show was well-lit, artfully arranged and full of interesting takes on what music is and does.   I was surprised by the number of people who knew about motets and who took the time to tell me so.   One of the artists, Rich Bitting, had studied composition at the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music, the same school I attended, and had even done another piece with the same title which hadn’t been accepted.  His work was one of the more well-developed and interesting efforts:  a copper-leafed sonogram of wind rustling through red bud trees.  How do people think of these things?


Joel Knepp With Tablet

There were several inter-active things which depended on tablets, ear phones and the like.  I liked this painting a lot but felt a bit regretful of the tablet.  I wondered whether the screen was an entry into the work or just another barrier to the direct transference of energy which is so important in visual art.  I think of paintings not as objects, but as live, performative theater condensed into a single, freeze-frame event.   Even when I fail in this endeavor, it’s always the aim.

A highlight of the evening was meeting local poet, Paula Lambert.  Writers were invited to create spoken-word pieces based on the paintings of their choice and she sweetly chose mine (performances will occur later in the month).  It was clear that something had flowed into her from the painting.  This means more to me than any prize or award.   I have succeeded.  “Motet” is alive and working exactly as it should.