Staying the Course

I’ve been painting every day for the last couple months:  two to three hours in the morning with a break for lunch, then two more hours in the afternoon.   After that it’s do a bit of free weights and yoga and the occasional cocktail reward.    The house has devolved into a messy pit, music duties are neglected and the Spring planting season is not getting the attention it deserves.

Here is what I have to show for it.


“Snakes and Ladders:  the Game of Life”  in process:  100 Images

To say that I’m weary and unsure of the project is an understatement.   At this point I’m in too deep to go anywhere but forward, so forward it is.   The next step, tightening up the black lines of the grid, is a pure but necessary labor:  more like darning a sheet than being creative.   So much art seems to come down to this.  The idea for a piece feels sudden, pure and nearly holy, beaming down from who-knows-where.  But manifesting this quasi divine inspiration, the actual doing of it is more like move-a-lot-of-dirt-around-grunt-work than look-at-me-I’m-a-princess.  It will take everything I have in me to finish this thing in time for submission into the Ohio State Fair.  The deadline is a welcome but arbitrary finish line.  Experience has shown that having a goal is the best way to maintain motivation.


Snakes With Painter’s Tape and Paper Bag Masking

On to the next stage:  painting the snakes!


Inch by Inch, Row by Row


“Snakes and Ladders” in Process

The marathon painting session on “Snakes and Ladders” continues.   I’m now working on the 8th row, which means 80 3″x3″ images are nearly complete.  I’m thinking of taking next week off to give the hands a rest.