Gabinetto Segreto III & More

Gabinetto Segreto III, the third iteration of an annual erotic art show at the Vanderelli Room, has been up and running for most of the month.

“Nude with Horn” by Lynda McClanahan

As expected, “Nude With Horn” sold right away. All of my nude ladies are on the smallish side, priced to sell and move fast.

“Club LaRouge” by Lynda McClanahan

“Club LaRouge” is larger, more ambitious and carries a higher price tag but to my surprise it has sold as well. The gallery benefited from the foot traffic generated during “Urban Scrawl,” an arts and music event held in Franklinton over the weekend. The only piece left is “Little Sister.” At $975.00 it’s a bargain, but anything over $400.00 sells very slowly in this town. Oh well. Two out of three isn’t bad.

“Nipple Chair:” Gabinetto Segreto, Vanderelli Room

The exhibit is wider ranging and sweeter than I expected.

Gabinetto Segreto III: Vanderelli Room

The “Dong Show” came at a mid-point in Gabinetto Segreto’s run and generated foot traffic as well. Joel and I did our best to perform “Homo Erectus,” a naughty polka written by Kinky Friedman, but our act was the weakest of the evening I fear. Can’t be good at everything I guess.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Post-Gabinetto, I’m continuing to comb through the old art catalog for favorite things which have sold and drifted off into the art-ethers. “Girl With Lotus” is an example.

The original was 6″x6″and probably done for the Ohio Art League’s annual Thumb Box holiday show. It’s graphically strong, mostly thanks to the wealth of black hair framing the figure’s face. I’ve always gravitated to long, dark, veil-like hair.

“Girl With Lotus” by Lynda McClanahan

The new version is larger and more carefully done but, as always, I’ve gained some things and lost others. The hand position is more rational in this version and the lotus is nicely done. The original had a freshness and immediacy reminiscent of ancient Roman frescoes which is no longer present however. Even when you copy your own work, no two pieces are ever the same.

The stockpiling of small, decorative things continues as I enter more and more shows. I’m ready.


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