When The Community Calls, Answer

I think of calls for entry as assignments from the local art community to add my two-cents-worth to whatever subject is at hand. “Lucky Cat With Pinups,” “River of Forgetfulness” and “Joanna and the Whale” were all direct responses to curatorial requests. Left to my own devices they would never have been painted but how glad I am to have them! The latest works in process are arriving via a similar route.

“Goose Goddess” was completed in anticipation of being a featured artist at Gallery 3060 in February of 2020. I’m consciously concentrating on smaller, sweeter things which might appeal to a general viewership and are more likely to sell. As is often my habit, I started out with a coloring page of Greek Goddesses and went from there.

Aphrodite on Swan Source Drawing

Another smallish piece, “Nude With Horn” was entered into an upcoming Erotic Art show slated for the Vanderelli Room this summer.

“Nude With Horn” by Lynda McClanahan

I figure there will be plenty of semi-pornographic images but not many with the impishly sweet naughtiness which I favor. I hope this one makes it in.

The most labor intensive of all the things I’ve been working on was initiated by a call for nudes put out by Val Pennington of the Pennington Arts Studio. When I first read the specs, I thought the call was just for unusual treatments of nudes. A later, more careful reading revealed that life studies and other traditional figurative pieces were being requested, not the wacky neo-primitives I produce. It’s too late now because I’m nearly done with the latest piece of mischief, “Do What I Say.”

“Do What I Say” by Lynda McClanahan In Process

The call for nudes may have been the initial catalyst behind “Do What I Say,” but what popped to the surface quickly morphed into an anguished response to the “Heartbeat” bill supported by Mike Dewine, current governor of the State of Ohio. Anti abortion forces in our state are strong, loud and passionate. Strangely, none of them seem to find making a woman’s body property of the state to be troublesome or even of note. Why sovereignty of the body, the most basic requirement for status as a full human being, is so hard for women to acquire and maintain is anybody’s guess.

Detail “Do What I Say” In Process by Lynda McClanahan

I’m a bit embarrassed at the sloppy reading of Val’s call but I’ll submit anyway. Why not? When an artist dips her hand into the well she never knows what will come up, and neither should anyone else.


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