Working Big, Working Hard

I’ve started another large piece provisionally entitled “The Witch of Waikiki.”  The current motto is “if it fits onto the drafting table, do it.”

The image is based on an experience Joel and I had in Hawaii years ago. We were traveling with friends but had decided to go our own way for the evening.  After ambling around old Honolulu for a bit we ended up on the beach at Waikiki for the music and hula which many hotels offer for free. The band played the old-style “Hapa Haole” music we loved, the cocktails flowed freely and the sun was just beginning to set behind Diamond Head when a dancer named Tana began to sway on a little platform next to the band. As longtime Hawaii devotees, we were in heaven!


Hula Dancer Source Photo

In the beginning, Tana seemed like any other hula dancer, beautiful and seductive in a good-clean-fun sort of way. But as we continued to watch, something deeper began to happen. I had the uncanny feeling that Tana was drawing energy directly up from the earth and throwing it out to the crowd in blessing.  Discrete explosions of “joy bombs” sweetly hit my chest,causing almost unbearable happiness.  I thought it was my imagination (there were Mai Tais involved after all) but when I leaned over to say something to Joel, he was clutching his chest and grinning from ear to ear.

Even though no one else seemed to feel what we were feeling, we immediately realized we were both experiencing the same thing at the same time.  It was real! At that exact moment Tana turned her attention to us and began to really rev things up.  Ever stronger rotating balls of energy emanated from both of her hands and shot our way in swirling, scintillating streams of light.  She seemed to be playing with us.  We dissolved into happy tears, just as we might in a Pentacostal church or a Hindu Temple. We were wide open, drunk in the spirit, in awe and drowning in absolute joy. Eventually the Sun set behind Diamond Head, the evening drew to a close and Tana left the stage.  I don’t know how we made it back to our condo but somehow we did.   Those reading this may believe it or not, but I’m here to say it really happened.
I’ve looked for a dancer named “Tana” over the years to ask if what we experienced is a known part of hula but she is nowhere to be found.  All I know is, she was channeling the goddess that night and doing it just for us.  That girl deserves a painting!

“Witch of Waikiki” in Process by Lynda McClanahan


2 thoughts on “Working Big, Working Hard

  1. I love this story so much. When our daughter Trista was first engaged, she and her fiance’ hosted a party with a bonfire. They came to announce the engagement to us first and to see the ring. The ring was a little too big for her….so they agreed that it would be resized the next week. That night, she lost her ring. All the people at the party kept looking for it in the dark to no avail. She called us the next morning in a panic. Fiance had a metal detector and we came over to search, as well. Nothing. That night, I called the psychic hot line (out of desperation), and was connected with a psychic by the name of Angel. She told me that the ring was in the ashes….comb through it and you will find it. Asked me to call her back to let her know if I found it. I called our daughter…went to her house and started combing through the ashes with a small garden hand rake. Suddenly, I found something hard…..stopped…picked it up and it was the ring!!! Daughter was in the house and I screamed that I had found it. We immediately took it to the jeweler where it was purchased from and they cleaned it up finding a nick in it…probably where I hit it with the rake. I called the hotline that afternoon and asked for Angel. They told me there was no one there by that name! Oh yes….Angel was there in spirit. Wish I knew what she looked like, though I envisioned her with long dark hair. You have inspired me to recreate her on canvas. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

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