Awash in Ideas

Some ideas come easy, some come hard and some don’t come at all. Lately I find myself experiencing a deluge of ideas, drowning in a flood of projects half-imagined and half-begun.


Hula Dancer Sketch on Board

A large project based on a long-ago experience in Hawaii has tentatively begun, but just barely. Sometimes ideas jostle for position, competing against one another for fruition. This time, a smaller work prompted by memories of a pre-gentrified neighborhood strip club has nudged out the bigger piece. How these things proceed remains a mystery.

The building where the ladies used to gyrate in the window still stands so I was able to snap a reference photograph.


870 North High Street Storefront

Alas, the ladies themselves are gone, edged out by optometrists, tatoo parlors and craft beer joints, so the rest had to be made up from memory. That’s alright. I’m not much for literal realism anyway.


Original Sketch 870 North High Street

As usual, doing the sketch was time-consuming but oddly reassuring. After the familiar labor of correcting the sketch and transferring it to the board, here is the progress so far.


Club La Rouge by Lynda McClanahan In Process

This piece has everything I like: a brightly-colored, blocky composition and a strange and sexy subject matter with plenty of opportunities for detail. The Hawaiian piece is resting forlornly against a chimney as other ideas continue to vie for attention like a herd of cats rubbing against the leg. Choose me! Choose me! Choose me! I am in manic-artist-heaven.


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