“Motet” in Process

I’ve been spending most of my time in the studio, working on “Motet.”  Here is the progress so far.


“Motet” by Lynda McClanahan: Full Board in Process

Some of the tableaus are finished, but many are not.


Lotus Radha & Krishna

The lotus-covered figures of Radha and Krishna are pretty much done, but I might add something to either side of them.  A painting often works differently at the end of the process than it does in the middle, so I’ll probably wait until the last minute to decide.



This little scene of lovers flanked by flower-offering maidens is in the bag.  I adore the “S” curve of the attendants.  This was a common style of depicting the female form in the middle ages and it’s an elegant one.


Reclining Lady

The reclining lady will get a delicate lace curtain and trees in the background.


Pin Up

“Pin Up” is done, although I might do a bit more outlining on the roses.


Nursing Baby Krishna

“Baby Krishna” will get some frame details, but I’m not sure what.  Ideas always waft into range as needed.

Lovers detail


“Lovers” looks complete, but a final decision will wait until the end.


Tree With Snakes

The psychedelic tree with snakes is all the way there.  The design is taken from Indian folk art, which I look at a lot.  I adore the tension between simplicity of form and eye-opening detail.  Of all the tableaus so far, this has been the easiest and most fun to work on.



The angel is halfway there.   Maintaining a balance of skin tones for the figures complements the balance of sacred and secular which permeates the piece and forms its real theme.


Lady With Snake

“Lady With Snake” is done too.  I could probably do some detail on the snake, but also might just leave it alone.  It tires the eye and bores the mind if detail is too ubiquitous.   Throwing in some strong, simple shapes tricks viewers into looking longer than they otherwise might.


Golden Throne With Virgin and Jazz Band

I’ve just started working on the center panel.  It’s a big job but at least there’s some forward movement.

Other pieces yet to go:



I’m consciously going to do the serenading cowboy last.  Don’t know why.  I’ll save the Christ mudra until the end too.


Virgin’s Band, Ziegfeld Girls and Christ Mudra

I’ve been working on this piece every day, stopping only to eat and process the harvest.  The deeper I sink into it, the stranger and more delightful it becomes.

I’m reminded of an old gospel song which says, “God may not come when you want him but he’s right on time.”  Linda Blaine, local musician, artist and God-mad-matron-about-town stopped by for a studio visit yesterday, bringing with her a sweet, healing presence which was most welcome.  Sometimes the world offers up encouragement just when you need it most.  Thanks, Linda!


4 thoughts on ““Motet” in Process

    • I have been contemplating a painting based on a book I just finished. Both excited and anxious about it. This work of yours gives me inspiration and incentive.

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